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Established in 2003, Sakari Design is a Melbourne based digital agency specialising in design, websites, and online/offline application development. Sakari are leaders in innovative design across all kinds of digital projects.

Sakari Design are a full service agency that cater for all kinds of business, companies and organisations across all industies. From delivering streamlined high capcity data driven websites, and solid secure ecommerce systems, to interactive design based artwork, applications and media.

Although based in Melbourne, Sakari have have resources and partners across Australia and Asia, as well as in New York, London, Paris, and Athens. Sakari manage a number of ongoing international projects and accounts.

Sakairi Design cover a range of disciplines, and always strive to have the best resources on all projects. Sakari specialise in the following key service areas.

- Branding & Design
- Website Design & Development
- Application Design & Development
- Advanced Systems & Modules
- Online & Application Marketing
- Film, Photography & Audio
- Management & 3rd Party Services

See the Services page for a full breakdown of services available.

Our goal at Sakari Design is to create successful communication solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We design with a passion and desire to innovate and elevate your business to its prime.

Each Project is approached with a fresh outlook and the opportunity to deliver a unique and dynamic outcome.

Our design reflects a strategic approach, hand in hand with meticulous attention to detail.

When we study a project or client for the first time, we explore the human values at work where consumers connect with the brand and the product features that express those values.

In a competitive environment, presenting product features or credentials isn't enough. Consumers connect with brands and what the consumer ultimately connects with is a shared human value because it addresses a part of their esteem.

In essence, the brand lives inside the consumer. We build stronger connections with those values through interactivity.